Thursday, January 31, 2008

Dharma on the Move 1/31/08

Chanting sutra is a great practice. In the Rissho Kosei-kai Buddhist tradition, we recite the Lotus Sutra every morning and every evening. As February 3rd is an important day, called Setsubun, a day before the start of the New Year in the Japanese traditonal astrological calendar, we hold a special session to chant the whole pages of the Lotus Sutra in one or two week period of time. At 6am today, I started chanting from Chapter 3, "A Parable", to Chapter 6, "Prediction" at home myself. The total pages were about 70, and it was close to 8am when I finished the chanting. When I recite the sutra particularly in a loud voice, I always enjoy the sense of connection with the Dharma. Feeling deeper appreciation to family, friends, and all beings, I renew the bodhisattva spirit. I was sitting and chanting for two hours this morning, but I felt it was just about five minutes.

After the breakfast, it seems the Dharma guided me to listen to an audio lecture in a website. It was a lecture by Ven. Kusala Bhikshu. He was talking about Buddhism to students at Santa Margarita Catholic High school.
I was very much impressed with his openness, his easy-to-understand expression, and at most his sincere attitude throughout his life to share the Dharma to free every being from suffering.

Several days ago, I watched a video presentation by Pema Chodron and was struck by her great articulation of Buddhist principles.

I also got impressed by a book titled “The Best Buddhist Writing 2007”. Most of the contributors to this book are Western Buddhist scholars and practitioners.

Having learned and practiced the Buddhism wholeheartedly, now American Buddhists are sharing the Dharma with American people. Actually the person who introduced the Pema’s video talk to me was also a brilliant American leader in our Oklahoma Dharma Center.

Dharma is on the move now! I would like to renew my vow to contribute to peace and happiness of people in this country by sharing the Dharma as compassionately as possible.

Chanting brought me a great day today! Thank you, Buddha.
Shoko Mizutani


nonchan said...

Good morning. Just finished listening to Rev. Kusala Bhikshu's talk to the students at Rancho Santa Margarita Catholic High School which is near my house. Thank you for introducing him. Very interesting and inspiring. I found interesting that Rev. Kusala looks a lot like and reminded me of Allan Carpenter in New York church. Have a nice day!

Konapage said...

It takes a little while to build an audience. I am certain you will come to find willing and wonderful participants in this venture just as you did in LA.

Dave Rose said...

Hi Rev. Mizutani
It is great to see you up and running with a blog. I have added the link to our website so anyone going there can find it. Hope to see you in OKC soon


aiko said...

Hello! I just read your blog! I just went to church this morning, and I was toban-cho today. It was different since you weren't there.. :( But I'm happy to hear that you're doing well. I hope to see you soon, and keep me updated! Have a great day!