Friday, January 25, 2008

Let me start anyway. 1/25/08

Thank you for visiting my blog.

I would like to write here about my everyday reflection. My writing is not on what I did today, but on what I viewed myself on that day. I would like to write about my joy of living the dharma as well as frustration and irritation because of my occasional deviation from the Way.

Buddha said, "Every one of us has limitless capacity of becoming a buddha, an enlightened one." This is a great assurance. Then how can we achieve it? Like standing on a scale is a simple and truly effective way to accomplish the control of one's weight, reflecting oneself in a mirror of the dharma is significant.

I have many excuses of not being able to start the blog until today. The biggest one was the fear of showing my ignorance. But I remembered that my Master, Rev.Nichiko Niwano
says, "A person, who thinks he will do something only after he has gained the capacity, will not make it forever; a person who tries to do most diligently will eventually become able to do it. "

I would like to enjoy trying hard. Please come back.

With deep respect


Nonchan said...

Rev. Mizutani,

Kris sent me your blog address and I just read through. It is very inspiring and thank you for making one finally. I am going to forward this to our friends tomorrow. See you on English Toban Day.


Yumi said...

Thank you for your inspirational thoughts! Thanks for the reminder that we should not wait to begin, but now is the appropriate time!