Friday, June 13, 2008

Thank You

(at Disneyland in March, 2004)

It was at 3:04 am on June 3rd, when my mother passed away. I flew back from Irvine to Nagoya, Japan, and arrived at home about 10 pm on that day. Her face was very very peaceful and beautiful. She was like sleeping.
She had been getting weaker. She needed to wear diapers all the time. Her bedsore had been growing bigger and painful. And she showed not much emotion nor smile in the last few months.

"Thank you..........thank you.........thank you..........." I bowed deeply and expressed my deepest and sincerest gratitude to her. And I was thankful that she had not had to suffer too long. And I was a little glad that she has returned to be my beautiful mother I used to know.

It was my mother who loved me most deeply and wished for my happiness most strongly in whole my life. I am grateful that I was her son.
As she wished for me, I would like to be aware that I am always and already in the blessings and happiness. I would like to continue to live the Dharma.

“Parental love exceeds one’s love for his parents" (Shoin Yoshida, a principal intellectual protagonist of the Meiji Restoration of 1868 )
Thank you, Okaa San.

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