Sunday, November 30, 2008

Buddhist Heart in Symposium

Thanks to the support of distinguished speakers, UC Irvine faculty members and students, Rissho Kosei-kai Sangha, and all friends, we were successfully able to hold our first symposium on October 18 on UCI campus. I would like to express my gratitude particularly to all volunteers who helped the event. Following wonderful presentations by each speaker, very active interactions between the audience and speakers took place.

I was convinced that deep in heart everyone is sincerely searching the meaning and value of one’s life.

“How can Buddhist practices make a difference in this wounded world?” In reply to this self-questioning, Dr. Ruben Habito emphasized the importance of the Bodhisattva spirit. Then, he referred to the following words of Mr. Kenji Miyazawa, the Japanese poet and author of children’s stories; “There can be no individual happiness until the world as a whole is happy.” These words reflect the Buddha’s vow. From the Buddha’s eyes, everyone actually holds this Buddha’s vow within. The sense of caring others is innate nature of everyone. Unfortunately, however, we often forget this own vow.
I would like to keep cultivating my Buddhist heart so that I always remember this vow within myself and live it sincerely.

Again thank you everyone for your support for the symposium.


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Nic to meet you, Mr. Shoko Mizutani!