Monday, October 29, 2012

My Life Is the Life of the Universe

In1976, out of my aspiration to be an agronomist who can save the world, I entered graduate school at the University of Birmingham in the UK. But because I had lost confidence in myself and my ability to master the English language, I soon became totally depressed. It was a book that gave me a ray of light in such dark times. The book was the Japanese version of Rev. Nikkyo Niwano’s "Return to Humanity," which my father had handed to me when I left Japan. I learned that from a Buddhist perspective, I am at one with the life-force of the universe; this knowledge helped to lessen my self-attachment, and gave me great encouragement. Seeking this light, I joined Rissho Kosei-kai after returning to Japan.

The ultimate reality of all beings is emptiness, the buddha-nature, which is the great life of the universe. I try to remember this reality whenever I chant the Odaimoku and bow before the Buddha image. Then I find the boundary between other beings and myself begins to soften, even if just for a moment, and I feel one with all that exists and full of vitality and energy. I treasure this idea, because it is the greatest thing I have ever learned: the teaching of the ultimate reality of all beings. (written for Shan Zai 2012-10 issue)



私たちの実相は、「空」「仏性」「大いなる宇宙のいのち」であると学びます。お題目を唱える毎に、ご本仏にひれ伏す毎に、私は実相を思いおこすように努めています。一瞬ですが、自他を隔てる境界線が不鮮明になり、あらゆる存在とのつながりを覚え、体には元気が充満するのです。実相を学んだ事は私の最高の宝です。(Shan Zai 2012年10月号に寄稿)

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