Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Land of Virtues

Life is wonderful!

I had a joyful opportunity of attending a Buddhist wedding celebration last Sunday at a Buddhist center, Rissho Kosei-kai of Los Angeles.
I believe the atmosphere of any wedding is a good reflection of the quality of lives of a bride and bridegroom. Warm and heartfelt congratulatory messages from friends were a good evidence of wonderful virtues of the new couple, Emi and Mike. A virtue is like a fruit. You cannot obtain it in a short time. But you will eventually get it in the due course of time through every day’s efforts. The Emi ‘tree’ and Mike ‘tree’ are both beautiful trees bearing good fruits, growing on the fertile ground. And I am sure their parents must have diligently prepared the land of boundless virtues for them throughout their lives. I am very proud of Emi and Mike and also their parents. We reap what we sow.

Rev. Taido Matsubara, prominent Zen master residing in Japan, once hiked in a mountain with his college classmates some 80 years ago (he is now 102 years old), he took a short rest by leaning on a big stone, on which he found a short poem inscribed. Since then, the poem had become a guiding principle of his life.
“Look at that!
In such a deep mountain,
A cherry tree is blooming;
Do your best,
even though no one may recognize you.”

Both Emi and Mike are artists.
Below is the link to one of Emi’s work, the world of the Lotus Sutra.

Congratulations, Emi and Mike.

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Mike the PoeT said...

Your blog is very well written.
Blessings to your pen,
Here's to Reverend Mizutani! Bodhisattva Universal Virtue,
may the tree grow!
Thanks for your wise words,
Respect & love from
Emi M. & Mike the PoeT!