Monday, April 27, 2009

Learnig from HH the Dalai Lama

I very much enjoyed lectures by HH the Dalai Lama at the UC Santa Barbara on 4/24.  When I came to know about this lecture, tickets had been already sold out. And one ticket I had found at the Ticketmaster was $650!! Thanks to a friend who practices Tibetan Buddhism, however, I was able to get a special ticket and attended his lecture.

His morning lecture was “The Nature of Mind,” and the afternoon one was “Ethics for Our time.” Both lectures were very inspiring. Based on great knowledge and insight on the Buddha Dharma, he always gives excellent lectures and answers to various kinds of questions sincerely and joyfully. What I was most impressed this time were not only his messages, but also his joyfulness and inclusiveness. In his lecture, he shared with us his sincere feeling toward China. “Because of the Chinese invasion, I had to live outside of Tibet. Because of their occupation and oppression, I have many agonies. But I was able to meet various people and to have various experiences, because of the same reason. This is wonderful. In this sense, I am appreciative to China.” All 10,000 audiences were embraced in his wisdom, compassion, joy, and inclusiveness.

Through the lectures, I was filled with joy of the Dharma. And I renewed my vow to share the Dharma with people in the US for peace and happiness of all.

Thank you my friend who helped me to get a ticket!

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